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Terms & Conditions

If a quote is accepted and authorized by the client, a 10% Non-Refundable down payment must be received before any work can begin. When the work is completed, the balance due is required prior to the delivery of any final product or service. Other accommodations may be made for larger scale projects. All work performed by MICOMA Enterprises is the full intellectual property and sole ownership of MICOMA Enterprises LLC. 

If sensitive information is shared with MICOMA Enterprises, the MICOMA Privacy Policy shall be the governing document. It will be incumbent upon the client to initiate a formal NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement if the client wishes a more formal agreement regarding information sharing.

MICOMA Enterprises assumes no liability if Services rendered impact a customer network or website. It is incumbent upon the client to provide proper vetting and validation that the tools delivered will operate acceptably on the client’s systems. For Lean Six Sigma Training of client personnel, MICOMA Enterprises and its partners assume no liability for errors in training materials or methods delivered in good faith that may have a negative impact on the client or the business of the client – the client is responsible for any impacts of training or tools after delivery.

Lastly, prospective clients agree to not hold MICOMA Enterprises LLC or their officers or partners responsible for damages or losses due to any good faith transaction.

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