MICOMA - Excellent Lean Sigma for breakthrough performance.

Micoma Enterprises has partnered with the Six Sigma Management Institute (SSMI) to provide you World Class training in Lean Six Sigma.

LSS - Black Belt

Black Belts are highly trained Lean Six Sigma experts who facilitate breakthrough improvements.

Black Belts are the change agents, consultants, mentors to Green Belts & assistants to Six Sigma Champions. Click here to sign up!

LSS - Green Belt

Green Belts are assigned at the process level of a business, focused on making improvements within the scope & reach of their normal work-related line-ofsight.

Green Belts are parttime by nature. Click here to sign up!

LSS - Yellow Belt

Yellow Belts are focused on delivering localized improvements.

They execute limited
line-of-sight projects that are scaled in scope & depth to fit within their work area & body-of-knowledge. Click here to sign up!

Learning To Think

Mentors develop personal relationships with employees to show firsthand how the company values them.

As employees’ loyalty to the company increases, knowledge of learning how to think like a Leader comes into the workplace & drives a culture of Leadership Thinking.

Assessment & Benchmarking

Assessment & Benchmarking quantify the capability of an organization and determine the financial opportunities when a deployment is initiated.

Customer & shareholder value is increased by improving the company’s capability to identify, assess and eliminate variation and waste.

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