MICOMA - Excellent Lean Six Sigma for breakthrough performance.

Micoma Enterprises has partnered with the Six Sigma Management Institute (SSMI) to provide you World Class training in Lean Six Sigma.

What is Lean Six Sigma

Benefits of LSS Training

The Six Sigma Management Institute (SSMI) offerings are for business leaders, middle management and all employees to begin to build a thinking organization committed to excellence by achieving “Breakthrough” results for their customers and stakeholders.

Original Training

Training provided through the Six Sigma Management Institute, founded by the originator and Chief Architect of Six Sigma – Dr. Mikel J. Harry.

Dilution Pollution

Over the last 3-decades, Lean Six Sigma training has been diluted, covering only a fraction of the Body of Knowledge from Dr. Harry.

Blended Learning

Students learn at their own pace with MindPro, our online training platform, supplemented with live webinars to benefit from both ways of learning.

World Recognized

The work of Dr. Mikel J. Harry has been credited with successful partnering with Allied Signal, Motorola, GE and Dupont, reporting $Billions in savings.

Incomparable Training

If you’re looking for Lean Six Sigma training and support, none can measure up to the SSMI experience and network of support across the globe.

World Class Tools

MindPro is packed with world class training tools to simplify technical Six Sigma statistical concepts in the form of real time simulations.

"As one of my trained Black Belts, Mike excelled in all aspects of the black belt role from his 1st day of training. In all of his projects he’s been able to combine his methodical problem-solving abilities, exceptional ability to quickly learn new software tools, and his understanding of LEAN and Six Sigma to deliver significant improvements."
- T.C.

LSS - Black Belt

Black Belts are highly trained Lean Six Sigma experts who facilitate breakthrough improvements. 

Black Belts are the change agents, consultants, mentors to Green Belts and assistants to Six Sigma Champions.

LSS - Green Belt

Green Belts are assigned at the process level of a business, focused on making improvements within the scope and reach of their normal work-related line-of-sight.

Green Belts are part-time by nature.

LSS - Yellow Belt

Yellow Belts are focused on delivering localized improvements.

They execute limited line-of-sight projects that are scaled in scope and depth to fit within their work area and body-of-knowledge.

Learning To Think

Mentors develop personal relationships with employees to show firsthand how the company values them.

As employees’ loyalty to the company increases, knowledge of learning how to think like a Leader comes into the workplace and drives a culture of Leadership Thinking.

Assessment and

Assessment and Benchmarking qualify the capability of an organization and determine the financial opportunities when a deployment is initiated.  

Customer and shareholder value is increased by improving the company’s capability to identify, assess and eliminate variation and waste.

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